Fabric Selection

Fabric selection is one of the most crucial steps in designing an Apparel Clothing line project. there are varieties of fabrics that are being used today, but the most common ones are 100% Cotton or 100% polyester. Do you know about others? If not then at Jaeger Sports you can find your preferences.

We make Custom Designed Clothing with various fabrics, you can choose any of the fabrics available, and off course we do promise much more customization options for you, when you are thinking of your clothing line.

We have fabrics suitable for men or women clothing and others which are used for making sports garments.

Your brand consumer’s interest’s lies solely in the appearance and wear ability characteristics of the fabric your style is made in they also pay close attention to the durability, utility and style values the end garment is depicting.

You can request for sample pack of fabrics available with us for free , just pay shipment and have it delivered to you in 5 days, it will further ease your decision of choosing the best possible garment for your custom made clothing line.

Among these fabrics you can select 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester or blended fabrics like 60%Cotton and 40% Polyester; we can also create customized jersey fabrics as per your need if your ordering quantity is high.

Fleece fabric is a thick fabric used for making sweatshirt hoodies, or sweaters, we have fleece fabrics with different type of gram/sq. meter requirement, you can select from readily available fabric list, or you can decide your own customized gm/sq. meter of the fabric as per the requirement of your clothing line as well if your ordering quantity is higher than a specific quantity.

We have made available to you almost 19 types of different fabrics used in making sports garment, just so you can select the best sport fabric suited for your garment.

If the list is still not enough for you to select from, we can customize the fabric as per your need.

Hosiery Fabrics are usually called as those fabrics worn as leggings, tights , or for undergarments , they are usually stretchy, but there is no limitation, you can also use them in making light stretchable t-shirts, or anything other than that, you can view the list of garments available as hosiery fabrics

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