Custom Patch Work

The best part about patches is that they allow you to personalize your brand. In the fashion world, eye-catching embroidered designs have made a comeback on our clothing.

This process can be added to any garment, making a unique trendy piece to add to your merchandise line.

Choose from several different elements to make your patch truly unique and customized to achieve your vision.

EMBROIDERED PATCHES: When a fabric backing and high-quality threading come together with your design, the result is a wearable form of art. Embroidered patches are the most traditional and popular patches on the market, and for good reason

WOVEN PATCHES: Woven patches are produced with thin threads and a tight weave, which produces a high-resolution finished product. This patch style works well for designs that require crisp detail work.

PRINTED PATCHES: Printed patches are photo-realistic depictions of your design, with a high level of detail and endless color options that wouldn’t be possible with any other patch type

3- PATCHES: These small pieces of artwork create 3D designs with tight wire stitching. With their unique shine and texture.

LEATHER PATCHES: Leather patches add a high-quality touch to any apparel or accessory product. Choose the size, embossing, and color of your leather patches for fully customized flair.

PVC PATCHES: Looking for something durable, bold and totally unique? Choose PVC. This rubberized style is truly 3D and can weather the elements with its extreme durability.

For more information on our custom patch work call 302 9292668  or email

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